Horton Halfpott on sale and on display!!!

A super friendly B&N friend sent me this picture of the Horton Halfpott display in her store. Isn’t it cool! Gilbert Ford’s cover illustration looks great on top!


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Contest RESULTS: Karl Soriano wins the book!

Karl Soriano was randomly chosen as the recipient of a free, signed, glow-in-the-dark copy of Horton Halfpott…. with an original drawing of m’Lady Luggertuck inside!!!

Stay tuned for more contests!!

Please ask a parent to email me a shipping address. My email is tom {at} origamiyoda.com


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YES! It really glows in the dark! + Horton in the classroom

I just got my first copies of Horton Halfpott and I can confirm that the castle windows really do glow in the dark!!!!

Also, you know how the cover of Origami Yoda has that chalkboard? Well look at this Horton version from a cool teacher named Mr. Schell….


It’s a great chalk version of Gilbert Ford’s great cover!


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The Map!

Want a few hints about the plot of the book? Check out this map! (Don’t worry: no spoilers…)


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It Glows In The Dark…

When the actual book comes out this spring, the cover will really glow in the dark!

Not quite like the picture above, though. The windows of Smugwick Manor are going to glow!

By the way, how do you like the beautiful cover by illustrator Gilbert Ford? He did the front and back covers, I did the pen and ink drawings inside.

(If you have one of the advance paperback copies… sorry, those don’t glow.)


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Coming this spring from Amulet Books, Horton Halfpott is a wacky mystery from the author of Origami Yoda.

Did mild-mannered kitchen boy Horton Halfpott really steal the priceless Luggertuck Lump? Or is it part of Luther Luggertuck’s evil plan to force wealthy, but nice, Miss Celia Sylvan-Smythe to marry him? Can the Snooping Stableboys find the Lump before the scary Shipless Pirates? It all starts when M’Lady Luggertuck finally unloosens her eternally pinching corset….


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