Horton vs. Origami Yoda?

These two books are so different, but I hope readers will like them both.

There’s no real need for them to compete, but….

On the GoodReads Website Horton is currently beating Yoda in the ratings game. Current score: Origami Yoda= 3.88. Horton = 4.07. (out of 5)

How about in the bookstores? Well, according to my Bookscan data, Origami Yoda is still winning … but Horton is gaining fast!



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7 responses to “Horton vs. Origami Yoda?

  1. Getting Horton after my dad gets paid oh and Tom last night I went to a friends birthday party and put an E-Z Yoda in his Card! He liked it!

  2. bobafett1212

    i like both them.

  3. Well, my name appears in “Yoda,” so that’s a plus … ; – )

    But if I’m not mistaken, last night I hit quite the little homage to Lloyd Alexander … Assistant Wig Keeper? I really needed that belly laugh last night.

    I kept looking for a “wiglet” reference, and will keep doing so, since I only made it halfway last night, but I love “Horton,” too.

    Well done!

  4. Horton resembles many things From Origami Yoda:
    Blight sounds like Dwight
    A Shippless Pirate is named Harvey
    The Napoleon bust doesn’t have a nose, and in O.Y. the clay Shakesphere doesn’t have a nose!

  5. Yodamaster

    Origami yoda and Horton Halfpott are even. Both stprylines are great. I CAN’T CHOOSE WHICH SIDE! IM NEUTRAL!

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