Get your own Portrait of M’Lady drawn by Tom! Here’s how…

To celebrate the release of Horton Halfpott, I’m offering a special deal!

If you’ll send me a stamped, self-addressed envelope I will send it back to you with a hand-drawn Portrait of M’Lady Luggertuck inside!

This is similar to the offer I made for Origami Yoda and that was a big success! I hope this one will be, too. Just imagine how much nicer your life will be with a lovely portrait of M’Lady Luggertuck glaring at you!!!

Here’s all you have to do:
1) Get two envelopes. Put a stamp on each one.
2) On one envelope, write your name and address.
3) Put that envelope insid the other envelope. Now address the second envelope to:
Horton Halfpott
Amulet Books Marketing Department
115 W. 18th St.
New York, NY

I’ll be extra happy if you write me a little note, but that’s not 100% required.

4) Now send it and … wait a bit. It can take awhile for the mail to get to me here in Smugwick Manor, way over here in England. And then I have to convince M’Lady to sit still so I can draw her picture….



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3 responses to “Get your own Portrait of M’Lady drawn by Tom! Here’s how…

  1. Super Folder yoda5447


  2. Yodamaster

    Hey, just like the origami yoda!

  3. the funny thing is that the same pic of her is on the left

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