YES! It really glows in the dark! + Horton in the classroom

I just got my first copies of Horton Halfpott and I can confirm that the castle windows really do glow in the dark!!!!

Also, you know how the cover of Origami Yoda has that chalkboard? Well look at this Horton version from a cool teacher named Mr. Schell….


It’s a great chalk version of Gilbert Ford’s great cover!



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64 responses to “YES! It really glows in the dark! + Horton in the classroom

  1. Mr. Sharp's class

    Mr. Sharp’s class is in love with origami Yoda. We are all taking him on spring break: Rome, Bahamas, the library, and a few civil war sites. We can’t wait to meet Horton.

  2. Mr Schell

    whoo hoo!! We are so proud. We are on Chapter 6 and are having a blast. Everyone is going to love these characters (and hate some too!). Everybody be sure to get this book when it comes out. I feel a loosening of Mr. Schell’s corest coming on. Oh no classroom behaviour is rampant……cake stealing, flirting and now they want a costume ball 🙂

  3. Mr. Schell

    We are awesome!!!

  4. Neel

    Horton Halfpot is the best

  5. Lindsay

    Mr.Schell did a great job!On the cover it looked hard but he made it look so easy!

  6. Salma

    are class is cool

  7. Angela

    That is our class! We are so awesome. Mr.Schell likes to draw the book cover of our current books we read!

  8. Allissa

    Mr. Schell is so great!!!!!

  9. Yvonne

    Mr.Schell’s class is sssooooooooo cool. GO HORTON HALFPOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. kaan

    its the coolest picture ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Angela

    That is our class! Mr.Schell is awesome

  12. Ahmad

    This is what you get if you are in Mr.Schell’s class, my class. We do this for each book.

  13. Sulaafah

    our class is awesome!!!!

  14. kassandra

    mr.schell is a awesome chalkboard drawer

  15. Matthew Nolin

    Hey its Matthew Nolin here from Mr.Schell’s class. I think Mr.Schell did a great job on the drawing I wish I can draw that good. I am liking the story so far with the sableboys and Horton Halfpott. I wonder what will happen next in the story? What do you think will happen next?

  16. raysean

    Mr.Shcell that is the best hortonhalfpott picture ever!!!

  17. Anthony

    this is awesome dudes and dudets!!!

  18. Aakif

    That looks really good doesnt it. Mr.Schell is an amazing artist.

  19. luke

    Mr.schell picture is the bom

  20. Daijuan

    This is way cool .I will try to draw the same thing better

  21. mr.schell really is an artist

  22. raysean

    Mr.Shcell that is the best hortonhalfpott picture ever!

  23. Anthony

    hi! this is sick !my class is the best!!!!

  24. doaa

    it’s awsome! I like how mr.schell drew it.

  25. Jaden

    hey its ranger JJ

  26. Matthew L

    HortonHalfPott is an AWESOME book and really interesting

  27. Daijuan

    Mr.schell drawing is way cool Comment on this

  28. Anthony

    hi DAIJUAN!

  29. Daijuan

    HI anthony

  30. Mohammed

    Mr.schell is a awsome artist in our class

  31. Daijuan

    Ya rigth lindsay it took very long and it was hard

  32. hannah

    Mr. schell’s drawing of the cover is sooo skillage …so is Mr.schell but he made it look so easy he did areslly good job on it

  33. Declan

    horton halfpott sounds awesome and mr.schell is the best also tom because his writing is the best

  34. Declan

    horton halfpott is to awesome to explain tom is the best also and mr.scell is the best drawer!

  35. aishwarya patel

    mr schell’s drawing is sooooooooooo awesome.
    horton halfpot ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Emma Lough

    thats soooo awesome when i went in the classroom i thought a perfessional artist drew that then i actually realized a future famous artist did!!!MR.SCHELL!!!!!!!!so pro!

  37. Amirah

    That drawing is awesome it’s PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. aishwarya patel

    its pro

  39. Mohammed

    so far our class loves hortonhalfpott its really a myestery book its really interesting to our class

  40. Allissa

    Horton Halfpott is the best!!!!!

  41. daijuan

    Mr.schell drawings are way cool are teacher is the best

  42. I love this drawing

    Amazing isnt it?

  43. daijuan

    the book is the best

  44. Mohammed

    Mr.schell is the best chalkboard drawer i know

  45. doaa

    it is awsome ! I like it.

  46. neel

    mr.schell is an amazing artist i wish i could draw that good.

  47. neel

    mr.schell is the best

  48. Jaden

    tom your awsome thanks for the book

  49. sulaafah

    horton halfpott is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Jaden

    tom your awsome thanks for the book can’t wait for darth paper

  51. Matthew Nolin

    Horton Halfpott is so awesome. The book is so weird yet interesting.

  52. cool drawing it looks likethe cover.
    one word to say

  53. Amirah

    Mr. Schell is pro at chalkboard drawing, it’s skillage.

  54. If you like Horton Halfpott so much, try this book!

    Morpheus Road: The Light
    Morpheus Road: The Black

    Gravedigger: Run, Mashall, Run.
    ?????: Morpheus…….
    Marshall: What was that?

  55. The Light is Through my point of view, and The Black is through my Dead best friend Cooper’s eyes.

    Sydney Foley: Marshall! Why are you on my laptop?!
    Me: Listen, I’m Sorry Sydney!
    Sydney: Shoo!

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