It Glows In The Dark…

When the actual book comes out this spring, the cover will really glow in the dark!

Not quite like the picture above, though. The windows of Smugwick Manor are going to glow!

By the way, how do you like the beautiful cover by illustrator Gilbert Ford? He did the front and back covers, I did the pen and ink drawings inside.

(If you have one of the advance paperback copies… sorry, those don’t glow.)



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12 responses to “It Glows In The Dark…

  1. Wait a minute. This book is already going to be awesome, but then you add glow in the dark to it. I can’t wait to stare at the cover in the dark, under the covers. Best. Thing. Ever.

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  3. Can’t wait Tom! Dying to read Horton

  4. Remi P.

    I figured that out the hard way!!!!!!

  5. Wesley

    I will try to get one this May!!

  6. Jack Tolen

    i spent like five minutes in the closet trying to see if it will glow

  7. Wesley

    it won’t

  8. oscarH

    cool it glows ‘.’ dah dah dahhh

  9. Amirah

    I really want to get it, I can’t wait any longer!

  10. Lindsay

    It looks sooooooo sick!!

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