Coming this spring from Amulet Books, Horton Halfpott is a wacky mystery from the author of Origami Yoda.

Did mild-mannered kitchen boy Horton Halfpott really steal the priceless Luggertuck Lump? Or is it part of Luther Luggertuck’s evil plan to force wealthy, but nice, Miss Celia Sylvan-Smythe to marry him? Can the Snooping Stableboys find the Lump before the scary Shipless Pirates? It all starts when M’Lady Luggertuck finally unloosens her eternally pinching corset….



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  1. Jack Tolen

    i have a fealing that horton halfpott is going to be a big hit

  2. Jimmy

    I can’t wait to read it!

  3. It will be a humongus sucsess

  4. Wesley

    Jack, can you give me instructions on how to fold an origami horton halfpott?

  5. Wesley

    this book WILL be a big hit!!

  6. Tamara

    Awesome…..can’t wait for it. My son has been talking about it nonstop.

  7. EJ

    Sounds like it’ll be great!

  8. Horton Halfpott is awesome! Just got it!

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